You might be saying, “Where have you been Jon, these have been on the market for a couple years now”. It’s true, we oftentimes see new tech come on the scene and say “NEVER! That can’t work!” Well, and sometimes we are wrong, old dogs can learn new tricks, a tiger can change its stripes, and so on.

The thing is, dissolved organics are bad for your fish. Dissolved organics are all the fish waste, excess food, decomposition of algae, etc. that isn’t pulled out by filtration such as a protein skimmer, and sits and rots in your aquarium until you do something about it.

“But Jon, I do water changes all the time”. Good, not good enough. All the waste that is trapped in your filter or under rocks is slowly dissolving organics into the water.

It has long been known that certain bacteria will actually eat this trash, but using it was difficult and potentially dangerous before proper testing could be done on how this bacteria might affect the health of aquarium inhabitants. These products have now proven themselves, and we recommend them.

Two products, “Media Reactor” (a fancy name for “Tube”) and “Bio Pellets” (a fancier name for “Mystery plastic balls that house bacteria and melt into nothing over time”) can help you get rid of pesky dissolved organics.

The results, particularly in reef aquariums where cleanliness and pristine water chemistry is paramount for the health of the coral, are great. In regular fish tanks, these are also proving to pay huge dividends in keeping your fish healthy, as well as keeping the aquarium clean in between service appointments.

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