Walk into a pet supply store and you’ll be amazed by the variety, quantity and types of fish food available. Naturally you want the best, healthiest food for your aquarium. How do you choose? Are some types of fish food healthier than others?

Type of Food

Fresh or frozen? flakes or pellets? Live or dried? Knowing what types of food you need depends on what type of fish you stock. Some easy species will eat most anything you feed them.

If you have the choice of fresh over frozen, fresh is always best. However, most frozen rate better if you don’t use the fresh food in time. Just as in human food, frozen food is frozen at its peak nutritional value. If you don’t have access to fresh, live food for your aquarium, choose frozen.

If your fish are flake eaters, you still need to keep your flakes fresh. Choose only what your fish can consume in about a month, as nutrients deteriorate over time.

Pellet food, since it is larger, is better for larger fish. Pick the right size for your fish, as they do come in a variety of sizes.

Protein Matters

Protein is a critical nutrient for fish, and the best source of protein is from other fish. Obviously, if you are choosing live or frozen food, your inhabitants are getting their fish protein. If you are choosing flake food, look for fish meal or other seafood on the label.

Vegetarian fish also need protein. All fish benefit from a serving of algae, either in flakes or wafers, depending on the size of the fish. Be careful of overfeeding algae, and remove what hasn’t been consumed, in order to keep the tank clean.

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