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Jon’s Corner: LED UV Sterilizers

As seen in our guest report from, there is an incredible new desktop aquarium kit on the scene, that utilizes some high tech gear in a small package, and that I wanted to take some time to discuss.

The amazing thing about this new aquarium is that is has a new type of technology that I’ve waiting for: an LED UV Sterilizer. UV sterilizers are a rather critical aspect for an aquarium, which kill free floating pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and even free floating algae. Thus they promote water clarity and contribute to a much healthier environment, keeping disease from spreading and keeping your aquarium cleaner.

The amazing thing is that this is the first example I have seen of an UV Sterilizer that works with LED technology. As with all the LED light fixtures I’ve talked about, the main benefit is that there is no bulb to change, which in itself has a massive environmental impact. A UV bulb needs to be changed on average every 6 months in order to maintain its maximum output.

With our hundreds of clients, most of whom have UV Sterilizers, every six months we change and throw away tons of UV bulbs. With most LED lights lasting at least 7 years, there is obviously a lot less going to the landfill.

Another benefit is that the power consumption of an LED fixture is close to nothing compared to that of a normal fluorescent. I’ve also talked a ton about how basically all aquarium equipment is being offered in low voltage options. I’ve been waiting for this for some time and as I’ve said, this is the first I’ve seen available.

It’s exciting to see the evolution of our industry and this is another step in the right direction!

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