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Why Your Next Aquarium Should be a 360°

Aquarium design has come a long way from the days of simply putting a rectangular fish tank onto a stand.

These days, aquariums are as much a part of the room design, with both the style of the aquarium factoring into the design of a room and vice versa. That’s why you should consider a 360-degree design for your next aquarium.

Big or small, a 360-degree aquarium offers something that a traditional design does not: an unparallelled view. While fish still have hiding spots depending on what you include in the tank with them, being able to watch the fish and other sea life in your aquarium at all angles is incredibly rewarding.

If you think about how many of us got started in being an aquarist, it’s often as a child with a small fish bowl and a single fish. We were able to watch it from anywhere in the room, often checking out the fish from all sides. A 360-degree aquarium affords the same gratification. 360-degree aquariums can be as small as a fishbowl or a design that works floor to ceiling.

Some ideas for 360-degree tanks include table top designs, room dividers, cylindrical towers, and a centerpiece-style stand alone. Your aquarium is an investment, why block any of the views? Go for a 360-degree design for your next aquarium and you won’t be disappointed.

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