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Our 15 Favorite “Room Divider” Aquariums

We’ve been listening to customer feedback and writing more Top 10 aquarium posts, which you all seem to love. However, this month, we thought it would be fun to write a Top List tied to Blue Planet’s 15 year history. “Room divider” style aquariums have a special place in customers’ hearts, because of the amazing versatility these types of aquariums offer: they are visible from two different rooms, can make both spaces actually seem bigger, and generally produce a look of amazement on the faces of all visitors.

So, without further ado, here are our favorite 15 “room divider” aquariums from the past 15 years:

  1. 2000 Gallon Saltwater Shark Aquarium.
    This aquarium effectively separated the man cave from the kids’ playroom/family room in a beautiful Barrington, IL home. There’s no better way to keep the kids in line than a bunch of sharks swimming over their heads!roomdivider1roomdivider1b
  2. 1500 Gallon Saltwater Fish Aquarium.
    This aquarium is in a Bedford Park, IL manufacturing plant and separates the main lobby from the employee lounge. A nice perk when getting off the factory floor for a lunch? It’s like a scuba diving adventure as well!roomdivider2
  3. 300 Gallon Freshwater Aquarium at Wicker Park, Chicago retail store.
    This aquarium separates the boutique retail floor from a lounge area. Its gorgeous, peaceful, and natural freshwater appearance is a great contrast to the raw urban feel of the store, and the room separation creates an entirely remote area from the often hectic retail floor.
  4. 1200 Gallon Shark Tank in Downers Grove, IL.
    Our hard-working friends at this 100 year old electrical supply company log some serious hours at work. What do you do to break up the monotony of a day’s work? Gaze at an awesome aquarium!
  5. Radius Corner, 300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium.
    We matched the curvature of one aquarium corner with the curvature of the wall. Looks dynamite, and what I like best is that since we didn’t have a large footprint for the tank in terms of length and width, we went UP!
  6. 220 Gallon Reef Aquarium.
    Talk about hard-working guys, just like our friends in number #4 above, this aquarium is in the office of the president of one of Chicagoland’s largest piping and plumbing distribution companies. This aquarium serves as something to enjoy from the client desk, and also as a divider from a small private meeting area in his office.
  7. 150 Gallon Reef Aquarium, Downtown Chicago Investment Banker.
    This is a great example of two different worlds on two different sides of the aquarium. One side of this skillfully placed aquarium greets you in the main entrance, while the other is placed centrally in the kitchenette and coffee bar area for employees.
  8. 300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium in Evanston IL Restaurantroomdivider7
  9. 250 Gallon Saltwater Fish Room Divider, Barrington, IL.
    This is another great example of two different sides of an aquarium, and two entirely different rooms, looks, and feels.roomdivider9roomdivider9b
  10. 300 Gallon Reef Aquarium, Investment Firm, NYC.
    Another example of what a room divider aquarium can do to define spaces. One side of this aquarium faces a lounge/informal meeting area, while the other is in front of a fleet of desks and employees.roomdivider10roomdivider10b
  11. 500 Gallon Octagonal Reef Aquarium.
    On an interesting note, since this list takes us through Blue Planet’s 15 year history: this aquarium has 45 degree corners, reflecting the height of technology at the time of installation. If it was being built today, it would almost certainly have rounded corners, if not bow-front panels altogether.roomdivider11roomdivider11b
  12. 300 Gallon Saltwater Fish Aquarium.
    This is an interesting example of a room divider aquarium. In this case, we didn’t necessarily want to define 2 spaces from each other. This was more…let’s say…deliberate. This installation took place in a shared dorm building for several downtown Chicago colleges. Apparently, and you may not believe this, college students can get up to some pretty fun activities. To keep students from sneaking around security and bringing up friends (and probably beer), a divider-style aquarium was placed in the area for better monitoring.
  13. Not a huge tank, huge impact!
    This 150 gallon saltwater fish tank separates a dining room from what we Chicagoans call a “Frontroom” (fun fact; pronounced in Chicago “fron-chroom”)
  14. 220 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank in Highland Park, IL.
    Who doesn’t want happy fish and happy kids like these?
  15. Is it or isn’t it a room divider?
    This 400 Gallon Saltwater Fish Tank doesn’t appear to be a room divider, but more of what we call a “picture frame” style.featured-nstallation-room-divider-aquarium-not-seen-beforeBut, with a quick panel removal off the outside back wall, and a view of our aquarium techs slacking off, it can be considered room divider too! #GetBackToWork!

There you have it, the list of our 15 favorite “room divider” aquariums from 15 years of Blue Planet Aquarium history. We hope to be able to do a 100 aquariums for 100 years post one day too!

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