For this installation, our client was a K-8 school located in Chicago’s West Loop that has a student base comprised of children with a variety of special needs. We mentioned this school in our top ten all time installations in our 15 year anniversary newsletter a few months back, but in the “Back to School” theme of this newsletter I wanted to use them as our featured installation. We are thrilled to work with all our school and educational clients, but this school in particular is one of our best installations.

As we discussed in our last post, over our many years in the business we’ve noticed that kids always have a strong attraction to aquariums and fish. The kids at this particular school face major challenges on a daily basis. For them to be able to take a moment to appreciate their aquariums goes a long way in brightening their day, and as we found out in this scenario, the more aquariums the better. These don’t have to be giant aquariums, super-fancy, or custom in nature – the presence of even a few fish in a small classroom aquarium really resonate with the kids.

When we were first called into this school, they had a few small aquariums they were trying to take care of themselves with limited success. We worked with them on making a few adjustments on these tanks, which immediately resulted in cleaner and healthier aquariums with less work required from the staff.

The next project was adding one larger, 125 gallon aquarium, in the main hallway so the entire school could enjoy.

Now, another CPS client is looking to donate their old and unused 140 gallon aquarium, and we’re working on bringing that tank into this school as well.

Last month, we added this 150 gallon room divider aquarium and I think that will do it for these folks, at least for the time being.

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