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Freshwater vs. Saltwater vs. Saltwater Reef Aquarium for Your Office: How to Make the Right Choice

So you’ve decided to install an aquarium in your office. The next step is probably to decide three things: the location, the shape, and the type of aquarium you want.

The location and shape are largely determined by the space you’re working with. When it comes to type, your options are a freshwater, saltwater, or saltwater reef aquarium. They’re in that order in terms of expense, and also in terms of ongoing work and maintenance costs.

Freshwater tanks are a great, cost-effective way to try out the aquarium hobby. Because freshwater fish are typically more available, you also don’t have to worry as much about where your fish have come from and whether they have been responsibly sourced.

The saltwater aquarium is the next step up. With the saltwater tank, you’re opening the door to some more exotic fish, including the bright and unusual tropical varieties that everyone seems to love (Finding Nemo, anyone?).

Saltwater reef aquariums are a whole another step up in uniqueness, because they feature actual real live coral for the fish to interact with. Because of that, they also cost more and have more strict maintenance requirements. Still, there are few things as beautiful as a natural coral background on an aquarium.

Can’t make up your mind? Based on your needs, we can help suggest that aquarium that makes the most sense for your office environment. Contact us today to discuss!


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