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This is a 1,500 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium. This room divider aquarium was installed in the lobby of an office and features a stainless steel fountain.

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Backside of 1,500 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium. Custom 3D coral fixture and cabinetry for backside of room divider aquarium.

Aquarium Installations Big or Small.

Custom design cabinetry to hold three aquariums, 300 gallon salt water fish, 180 gallon reef and 30 gallon octopus tank.

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This beautiful 550 gallon in wall aquarium is on display in the main lobby of an office building.

160 Gallon Room Divider Aquarium in Chicago

This 160 gallon salt water in wall aquarium separates the office and the lobby.

140 Gallon Custom Cabinetry and 360 Degree Viewable

A beautiful 360 degree viewable aquarium is built into custom cabinetry in the kitchen of this lovely home.

220 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

This is a “picture frame” style aquarium installation, viewable from one side.

300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

In wall, room divider aquarium, separates dinning rooms in restaurant this wonderful restaurant.

400 Gallon Saltwater In Wall Aquarium

This lovely residence in Barrington, Il features and in wall hallway aquarium.

150 Gallon Chicago Office Divider

This fun 150 gallon saltwater aquarium divides the office from the kitchenette at this Chicago loop office.

300 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

This 300 gallon aquarium is seamlessly designed to flow within the kitchen of this lovely residence.


Imagine trading in that cluttered bookshelf for a slice of the Great Barrier Reef. Think of replacing that lamp in the corner of your office, with a vibrant portion of the Amazon River. A Custom Aquarium from Blue Planet Aquarium Services can make that happen.

Decades of professional experience, plus hundreds of satisfied clients, are testimony that Blue Planet Aquarium Services is Chicago, the surrounding suburbs and all The Midwest’s premier aquarium sales, design, installation and maintenance company.

At Blue Planet, we’ve made it our priority to be the best custom aquarium design, installation and service company and have done work from coast to coast. Our service area includes all of Chicago and surrounding suburbs as well as Wisconsin and Indiana. Inquire today about routine aquarium maintenance services, in addition to creative custom aquarium design all over the country.

For the talented and caring experts at Blue Planet, fish tank installation and maintenance is more than a job; it’s a profession. What we say matches what we do, and that’s why we offer our customers our exclusive 30-day livestock guarantee. This means we stand by what we sell and our aquarium installations continue looking as vibrant and healthy as possible.

So whether you’re thinking about a reef aquarium, saltwater aquarium or freshwater fish tank, are considering design and installation, or are looking for fish tank maintenance of any kind, let the aquarium installation professionals of Blue Planet Aquarium Services help you realize your dreams.

Since 1999, we have designed countless aquarium solutions for corporate as well as residential clients. We are second to none in the execution of our unique designs. This is why our employees have had the opportunity to work on large projects for clients like Rainforest Cafe.. Chicago Public Schools, and Illinois Veterans Hospitals have long been service clients for regular maintenance.  Finally, we’ve worked with countless architects, home builders and interior designers to bring their client’s dreams to life..

Blue Planet Aquarium is also an industry leader in aquarium maintenance service. We carry a full line of salt and freshwater aquarium supplies. We bring in weekly shipments of salt and freshwater fish and marine corals from around the world. Our 5 service crews who cover the entire Chicagoland area, Wisconsin and Indiana.

Call today for any of your aquarium needs.


Let Blue Planet Aquarium transform your interior space with the aquarium of your dreams.

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You guys did a GREAT job and I do love the new set up. I have to clean the glass every day as there is a slight coat of green alge on the glass every morning. I do NOT mind doing some of the maintenance, as I have had tanks my whole life and do not mind adding chemicals, cleaning glass, etc..etc..but lets see if the weekly thing is an option. THANKS for everything, customer service is how we built our company, so I can appreciate it a lot when we receive it. And yes bigger fish is what I would like to see, I will get a hold of a fish book to try to select more, but you guys know what works best.
GREAT job and I do LOVE the new setup!