Do automatic fish feeders work? The short answer is yes. However, there is more to using and setting up an automatic fish feeder than may first meet the eye. We explore why, when, and how often to use an automatic fish feeder.

To begin with, we only recommend automatic fish feeders on an as-needed basis. To rely on them for full time use is dangerous for a few reasons. First, you may not notice if the batteries die and your fish are failing to be fed. The same goes if it malfunctions. Plus, if the food runs out and you don’t check it on a regular basis, your fish may starve. Finally, we recommend frozen food for all saltwater fish. An automatic fish feeder will only dispense dry food. While this is fine for short term, you may find your fish don’t take to the dry food and their health suffers.

If you do need to go out of town for a few days, an automatic fish feeder will ensure that your fish get the proper amount of food while you’re away. We do recommend a battery powered unit, allowing operation even if there is a power outage.

The Aquarium Guide offers a comprehensive list of automatic fish feeders that get the job done. Our favorite is the twin feeder allowing two types of food to accommodate a variety of inhabitants.

As a final option, you may want to schedule an aquarium maintenance call while out on vacation. The maintenance crew can not only check to ensure your fish are fed by a feeder, but give your tank a health checkup while they’re at it.

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