You Have the Concept. We Have the Vision.

We can turn your dream aquarium design into a reality.


As you first decide to explore a custom aquarium design, you will probably also question how to begin the process. You may be seeking an aquarium design of greater quality than the local pet shop offers.  Blue Planet Aquarium Services has a long noteworthy history of working with architects and interior designers, as well as private clients and businesses.  Furthermore, we aim to serve clients who desire a finished product with a developed design. 

Aquarium Design by Blue Planet Aquarium Services

The trained professionals of Blue Planet Aquarium Services will meet in your home, office or work site.  Our aquarium consultation includes discussion of ideal location, relevant technology, shape and size to get you the ultimate design. We offer custom cabinetry, glass or acrylic aquariums, lighting, filtration systems and endless variables.

Blue Planet will help determine what best meets your needs, whether you have an interest in freshwater, saltwater or saltwater reef aquarium.  In addition, we work closely with you to determine a set-up budget and provide an estimate for ongoing aquarium maintenance required.

From Chicago to Milwaukee and Dubuque to Indianapolis – Blue Planet has serviced clients throughout the Midwest and across the country.  Blue Planet is here for your custom aquarium design and installation needs. Whether you are a private client, business owner, an architect or designer seeking where to begin the aquarium design process, Blue Planet Aquarium Services can help!

We’ve worked with hundreds of satisfied interior designers and architechts, such as:

  Blue Planet has completed two aquarium projects with VOA, a 160 gallon in downtonw Chicago and a 240 gallon in New York City  Environs Development logo Blue Planet was hired by Blue Planet for a custom aquarium design. Caprio Prisby Architects logo  Dona Mondi Interior Design logo  Charles Vincent George Architects logo  Advance Design Studio Logo           


Our new client list grows weekly, with new individuals we have had the pleasure to work with. Feel free to join our mailing list to stay tuned to our case studies, exploring our most recent aquarium installations. Stay tuned for the greatest aquarium installations from Blue Planet!