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The 10 Best Fish-related TV Shows, Movies, and Documentaries

Our Top 10: Shark Week

We get asked pretty often about which fish-related shows and movies we love. Without further ado, here is the Blue Planet Aquarium-approved list:

1. Tanked, Animal Planet

With the abundance of reality TV Shows available today Tanked truly does stand out (even more so for fish and aquarium enthusiasts). The show follows the Las Vegas based custom aquarium company Acrylic Tank Manufacturing, owned by brothers-in-law Brett Raymer and Wayde King.

2. Fish Tank Kings, National Geographic

Take your pick between these two. They are two similar but also very different shows showing off custom aquarium installations which go to prove that reality TV generally has no place for, and does not take place in, reality.

3. River Monsters, Animal Planet

Watch this show and you will immediately wonder how the entire world has not been eaten by the terrifying fish the host encounters. Wow!

4. Seas of Life – The Blue Planet

Incredible mini-series from 2001 released by the BBC. Alright, it’s called Blue Planet, what did you really think I thought that name up all by myself?!

5. Shark Week

Shark Week has grown from a smattering of bad documentaries to a full array of extremely well done HD specials, and has developed a cult following of fans including cameos from celebrities. Shark Week has even grown in popularity enough that it has warranted its own “Shark After Dark” nightly wrap show featuring a “Josh Wolf” as its host. Sounds like a fake name to me…

6. The Life Aquatic, Wes Anderson

If you don’t like Wes Anderson films, feel free to skip to number 7, but Bill Murray plays a washed-up, Jack Cousteau-esque character and the only reason it makes this list is for its tongue-in-cheek/completely fictitious look at aquatic life. True to form with other Wes Anderson films, it is funny, sad, and intelligent.

7. Great Barrier Reef, Nat Geo

A series on the Nat Geo channel focusing on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Shot in incredible HD it is hard to look away.

8. Finding Nemo

Really Jon? Finding Nemo? Hey, it is a good movie and no film has touched the aquarium industry nearly as much. People to this day, and probably forever, will say they need a “Nemo” and “Dori” for their aquarium.

9. Blue Planet YouTube Channel

If high school AV club quality video and a GoPro cam inside your aquarium is your thing, check us out!

10. Jaws

Jaws. Enough said, it’s Jaws.

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