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3 Signs Your Aquarium Needs a Maintenance Appointment

Addressing the day-to-day needs of your aquatic inhabitants is part of your overall maintenance routine. In addition, we recommend at least a monthly maintenance appointment to keep your tank in tip-top shape and your fish healthy.

However, there may come a time where you need to schedule an additional maintenance appointment when you see something fishy.

Water Problems

If the water in your tank is experiencing a proliferation of excess or nuisance algae or an imbalanced pH level, you may need to schedule a maintenance appointment. Technicians can not only improve water levels; they will also have all the means available to test for the cause of the problem as well.

Equipment malfunctions

From filters to pumps, a normal monthly maintenance checkup will identify failing equipment. However, malfunctions can happen in between checkups and are definitely cause for educated assistance. Leaks, erratic motors, filtration problems are all cause for getting maintenance on your equipment as soon as possible before it becomes an emergency.


If you notice your fish or other aquatic life acting inconsistently, it might be worth a “house call” for a maintenance technician to diagnose the problem. It may be as simple as a partial water change or slightly more complex such as oxygen and aeration levels. While online trouble shooting may give some answers, protecting your investment through a maintenance checkup will be less costly in the end.

And lastly, remember: routine maintenance appointments will reduce or eliminate the need for an unscheduled or emergency need.

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