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300 Gallon Salt Water Fish Aquarium in a College Dorm in downtown Chicago

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When we first received an inquiry about possibly installing an aquarium for these folks, it started from a simple email from an office worker saying “We need, like a quote, for like a 50 gallon freshwater aquarium.” No problem, I sent over estimates for couple options around 50 gallons for them to review. Then they sent another email saying “I guess we need, like a bigger one”. “No problem”, I said “why don’t I come out, throw a tape measure against the wall and take a look at what you might need?”

That turned into something much bigger than 50 gallons and much better than a freshwater tank.

As it turns out, the building is a mixed use dorm for three different colleges downtown. It house over 1,700 students and is at full capacity. the front counter is a security check in and the aquarium was to serve as a barrier to keep people from entering the building without passing through security.

The aquarium installation turned out incredible. We worked with the mill workers and carpenter who originally built out the space, so the aquarium doesn’t look like an afterthought. It looks like it was there since the space was built, and it is beautiful. The tank has only been up and running for a few months, so the fish population is still building. Students, security and staff all love the tank and it is viewable from State Street as well as being a focal point of the dorm’s main lobby.

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