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4 Questions to Ask Your Aquarium Installer

If you’re looking to install any aquarium beyond the “tank on a stand” variety, you should seriously consider hiring an aquarium installation service. Before you hire an installer, however, you should ask these four key questions.

Do you have experience with aquariums in general?

It may seem obvious to ask this question; however, you’d be surprised at how many home designers attempt to install aquariums. While you can have someone design a focal point in your home or office space, leave it to a professional aquarium designer to handle the final design and installation. Designers don’t always understand the complexities of an aquarium beyond the tank itself. A trained aquarium installer does and knows what goes both on the inside and outside the tank to make it run smoothly.

What equipment do you use?

It doesn’t pay to go cheap on materials when it comes to thousands of gallons of water and sea life. Ask your aquarium installer what equipment they use. Look for high quality materials, environmental responsibility, and the latest in aquarium technology to prolong the life of your aquarium and its inhabitants.

Can you provide examples of previously installed aquariums?

Some installers may have experience with smaller home or office tanks, but not commercial size installations. Find out if there were any problems during installation. You want the most experience you can find.

Lastly, do you have the experience that this is going to be set up correctly and not cause leaks?

Improper installation that leads to leaks is a bigger problem than just the water loss in the aquarium itself. Even the smallest of leaks can damage cabinetry and floors. Knowing the job is done right ensures no leakage and the protection of your equipment.

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