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Anesthesiology Department aquarium

Fortunately for me, besides a few bumps, bruises and scrapes I have never had any serious visits to the hospital. The stereotype that every dentist’s office has an aquarium because it is a soothing element to a high stress environment is a pretty accurate one. That’s why when our client contacted us wanting to put a new aquarium in the pre op anesthesiology department; it immediately seemed like an awfully good idea. What a great place to have a bit of tranquility at a time of incredible nervousness.

The aquarium is a 180 gallon acrylic “bow front” This salt water fish tank is 6 feet long, 20 inches deep at the apex of the bow and 30 inches tall. The bow front is a very popular style as a departure from the standard and commonly used rectangle aquarium. The soft curve (or bow) of the front plane lends itself to the room and draws attention to itself. The cabinetry is solid oak with a custom minwax stain to blend in with other furniture in the office.

Currently, the aquarium houses Triggerfish, Clownfish (still years after the fact, no aquarium is complete with “Nemo”) Tangs and Butterfly fish.

-Jon Wolf

About Jon Wolf

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