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How an Aquarium Can Add Depth to a Space

An aquarium is more than just a way to raise fish. Depending on its size, shape, construction, placement, and the way it works with the rest of its surroundings, an aquarium can also be a part of a home’s interior design and help to transform the space around it.
One absolutely great feature of aquariums is their ability to make the room they sit in appear bigger by creating more depth to the living space. Here are some notes on how various aquariums affect the space around them.
In Wall – in wall aquariums are sunk into the wall, resulting in a unique picture-frame look. They are also ideal for tight spaces, because the entire width of the aquarium is inside the wall. By enabling onlookers to literally peer “into” the wall, in wall aquariums add depth to any space.
Room Divider – room divider aquariums are typically in wall aquariums that are viewable from both sides of the wall. This also provides the illusion of space, since you can see into the other room, and is a unique alternative to boring walls.
Custom Cabinetry – for those who do not wish to make structural changes to their space, an aquarium mounted in custom cabinetry can give a luxe vibe. The ability to utilize different woods means you can match the cabinetry to the rest of your decor, or do something that stands out. If you have existing cabinetry with open space in it, chances are we can build an aquarium that will fit there seamlessly, which saves you from having to take up extra space in the room for the aquarium.
Corner – this is another type of aquarium that works well in tight spaces. Corners of rooms are a great spot for an aquarium because they are also typically wasted space, usually inhabited by a plant, lamp or something inane. Now the corner space can be a real attention getter! By utilizing space that usually goes unused, corner aquariums can create the illusion of more space.
Curved – curved aquariums utilize the acrylic’s natural refractive properties to give you a unique view of aquatic life in a modern, unconventional package. Curved aquariums can also help you make the best of your unique space. Aquariums with a curved front look great against a flat wall, adding a new dimension to the room while increasing the visual appeal of the aquarium itself.
Not sure which type of aquarium would work best in your space? After years in the business, we have a knack for helping clients pick the perfect aquarium for their surroundings. Get in touch with us!

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