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Aquariums Plants, Part Two: A Plant for Every Purpose

Last month, we discussed the basics of aquarium plant placement mapping out the basic aquarium areas as foreground, middle ground, and background. Now, it’s time to talk about some specific types of plants you can use in these areas of your freshwater aquarium.

In the foreground:

Java Moss is one of the most popular carpet plants, because it grows on pretty much anything, including rocks, driftwood, and gravel. It has a wide temperature tolerance (70-90°F), doesn’t need too much light, and grows quickly.

Baby Tears offer a more plant-like appearance than Java Moss, and tend to be easier to maintain, because they don’t grow as quickly. They do, however, need more light to grow enough to provide adequate floor coverage.

In the middle ground:

Java Fern is a very low-maintenance plant, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, because it’s also very beautiful. Its long leaves require low to medium light.

Anubias Nana has round, stocky leaves that serve as good contrast to taller plants. It requires medium light, and the big leaves are great for providing plenty of hiding areas for fish. This plant grows to a maximum height of 6 inches, and requires no trimming.

In the background:

Amazon Sword has long leaves that grow in bunches and requires a little more light to grow, but can grow larger (as in, leaves that are 12 inches tall), which makes it better for filling-out aquarium backgrounds. It’s a very low-maintenance plant that will survive pretty much anything, but its long leaves do need to be trimmed every once in a while.

These are just a few examples of the kinds of plants that are perfect for beginners due to their robustness and low levels of required maintenance. Questions about another types of plant you’re considering? Get in touch with us.

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