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Blue Planet Aquarium Styles

When thinking about what aquarium you might want to install in your space, it helps to know the possibilities. Like their inhabitants, aquariums come in nearly infinite varieties. We will focus on the major categories first, after which you can fine-tune your choices for optimum beauty and enjoyment.

360 Degrees

As its name suggests, this aquarium type has viewable glass on all sides, leading to an immersive experience. Whether round or rectangular, a 360 aquarium can become the centerpiece of your room.

In Wall

In wall aquariums are sunk into the wall, resulting in a unique picture-frame look. They are also ideal for tight spaces, because the entire width of the aquarium is inside the wall.

Custom Cabinetry

For those who do not wish to make structural changes to their space, an aquarium mounted in custom cabinetry can give a luxe vibe. The ability to utilize different woods means you can match the cabinetry to the rest of your decor, or do something that stands out.

Room Divider

Room divider aquariums are typically in wall aquariums that are viewable from both sides of the wall. The essence of the room divider is to create a separation of space with an aquarium, that can be done in wall or with cabinetry. This also provides the illusion of space, since you can see into the other room, and is a unique alternative to boring walls.


Curved aquariums utilize the acrylic’s natural refractive properties to give you a unique view of aquatic life in a modern, unconventional package. Curved aquariums can also help you make the best of your unique space.


This is another type of aquarium that works well in tight spaces. Corners of rooms are a great spot for an aquarium because they are also typically wasted space. Corner aquariums can help you save a living room and even create the illusion of more space.

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