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But, where do we put the octopus?

What to do, what to do? In salt water aquariums there are several animals that let’s say, don’t “get along” with each other in the same tank. What is referred to as a reef aquarium features live rock, live corals, polyps and invertebrates such as shrimps, crabs and snails. Many large fish may pass by these things countless times in the ocean without a problem, may pick on them or eat them outright on first site. For that reason we at AquariClean Inc like to keep most larger fish in a “fish only” aquarium featuring artificial corals and a reef aquarium with only few fish specimens such as clown fish, small gobies or wrasses but a variety of live corals and invertebrates.

Our client wanted both types of aquariums but space was an issue as the aquariums were going to be placed in his home office. Working with mill workers on site we were able to design a cabinet which matched the furniture in his office and housed a 120 gallon reef aquarium beneath the 200 gallon salt water fish aquarium.

When the client asked for something “different” in the aquarium, something unusual that most people don’t have, the answer was simple: octopus! The trick with keeping an octopus is that they are vicious predators and cannot be kept with other fish or invertebrates at all. Dedicating an entire 200 or 120 gallon aquarium to an animal which generally would prefer to hide most of the time didn’t seem like a good idea. Having a partition built in the reef aquarium, dedicating a quarter of the 120 gallon tank so the octopus wouldn’t be able to get at the other animals however seemed like a great idea. We also put captive bread, tank raised seahorses in the reef aquarium as well. The finished project is an amazing array of animals in clean, healthy aquariums in beautiful custom cabinetry built to match the homeowners furniture.

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