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Buying an Aquarium for Your Child: Some Considerations

Buying an aquarium for a child has many benefits, but there are a few key things to consider before you go all in.

One of the best parts of having an aquarium for your child is the educational factor. Having access to and taking care of the fish teaches children about how other organisms work far better than simply reading about it in a book. Children can learn ecology, biology, anatomy, life cycles, as well as water cycles, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Having fish is a responsibility, and aquarium care and fish feeding is a beneficial way to teach children about various tasks of taking on that responsibility. Fortunately, with adult supervision, even younger children can learn how to feed fish and treat them with respect. Older children can learn how to change the water and adjust pH or temperature levels if needed.

Setting up an aquarium for your children is a great way to bond and engage with them. In addition to guiding them through the responsibility, parents and children can discuss what fish to have and why, how an aquarium works, and some of the life sciences mentioned before.

Some things you should consider before buying an aquarium for your child: size, type, decorations, and fish. It’s a common mistake to buy a small tank for a child, but these can actually end up being more difficult to maintain. Consider going for at least a 10-gallon tank and select small, hardy fish. Deciding on fresh or saltwater may depend on the age of your child and the level of responsibility you want them to have, as saltwater requires more care. Choosing decorations and fish are certainly the fun part, but take care to choose decorations that match the tank and environment best for the fish. Also, take care not to overpopulate your tank.

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