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The Calming Effects of Aquariums in Healthcare

An aquarium is a great choice for nearly every office setting, but nowhere are aquariums more at home than in a healthcare-related facility. Whether we’re talking about the waiting room of a doctor’s office, the lobby of a hospital, an activity room of a nursing home, or a training room at a physical therapist, an aquarium will always lend a unique look to its environment.
In a setting that has a tendency to look clinical and formal (at least to those not used to it), what better way to get patients to feel at home than by adding an organic element, and one that has visual interest too?! Aquariums, flowing water, and aquaculture in general have always had connotations of peacefulness, calmness, and health.
Feng Shui is a 3000 year old Chinese belief, art and science that helps people gain good fortune, health and wealth through the balancing of energies in a room or space.
For instance, aquariums utilize all 5 elements of the 3000 year old Chinese art art of Feng Shui in perfect harmony. Those elements—water (such as the water in the tank), fire (represented by the colors in the fish), metal (as seen in the construction and equipment of the aquarium), wood (also in the construction, cabinetry and décor) and earth (gravel or substrate)—are all represented in an aquarium and create the balance needed for what is known as “Good Feng Shui”.
If you prefer to rely on research, one study found that looking at an aquarium “led to a clear reduction in both blood pressure and heart rate, and that tanks with higher numbers of fish were more successful at holding people’s attention and increasing their mood.”
These beneficial aspects of aquariums are exactly why the concept of aquarium therapy exists. Study after study, as well as subjective experience, have shown that looking at an aquarium for just a few minutes can help to ease stress and anxiety.
The CDC Guidelines for Environmental Infection Control in Health-Care Facilities does not prohibit aquariums in waiting areas. However, it recommends against having such features in patient care areas. The guidelines say to establish regular cleaning policies for the aquarium and to assign the cleaning task to a nonpatient-care staff member.
If you’re thinking about placing an aquarium in your healthcare-related facility, get in touch with Blue Planet Aquarium today!

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