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Controlling Your Aquarium from Your Smartphone

Smartphones can now control everything, from home thermostats to aerial drones. It was only a matter of time before some smart company figured out how to let you control your aquarium from a smartphone.

There are now several vendors on the market who offer this type of technology, at various price points. One example is SenEye, which gives aquarium owners the ability to continuously monitor temperature, water level, pH, lights, and other aspects of your aquarium setup. The system works by having a sensor (with various add-ons) submerged in the tank, which communicates with your iPhone via an internet connection. Anywhere in the world where you can get Internet, you can monitor the health of your aquarium.

One thing that’s important to keep in mind, however, is that these systems are not a replacement for regular service appointments—you can’t simply wait until your phone starts beeping to call a service technician. These monitoring system simply add a further level of peace-of-mind to aquarium owners while they’re out of the home. Service appointments should continue as usual.

Before installing one of these systems, you’ll probably also want to consult with your aquarium technician to make sure that you’re installing it correctly and getting accurate readouts (if not, the whole system would be useless). Feel free to contact Blue Planet Aquarium if you have any more questions on these smartphone technologies, or if you’re looking for a qualified installer.

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