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A Custom Aquarium Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

If you’re considering redesigning your office, reception area, or lobby, or even reconsidering the choice of decor, think about adding in a custom aquarium. It may not be as expensive as you think and adds a greater value to your space, both financially, aesthetically, and psychologically for all groups involved: your guests, patients, and employees.


The cost of a custom aquarium is just that, custom. Size, shape, cabinet design, placement, and fish selection all go into designing and creating the perfect aquarium for your space. WIth that being said, if you’re doing your research and Googling costs, you may find aquarium systems with custom acrylic designs starting in the $2800 range. However, you’ll most likely find “Call for Price”. Because a great many factors go into creating the right aquarium for your space, stating a definitive price can be difficult.
Generally, however, speaking with an aquarium designer at Blue Planet can give you a more accurate quote for implementing the custom features you’re interested in.


Still not sure a custom aquarium is right for your office? Consider the alternatives. If you are redesigning your space in terms of architecture, a custom built-in aquarium will add value and appeal to the new design of your office. Renovation of the existing structure is the perfect time to add a built-in aquarium.
Not tearing down walls? Even if you’re updating the office furniture, costs range upwards of $4000 or more. Considering artwork? An aquarium is a living, breathing work of art. The design and scenery of a mural never changes, whereas an aquarium may provide something new to look at from every angle.
When designing your office or lobby, contact us for a quote on a custom aquarium for your space. You may be surprised at what can be done within your budget.

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