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Decorating the Saltwater Aquarium

In aquarium design, what goes inside the tank (besides fish) is just as important as determining length, width, height and shape of an aquarium.

Our clients with a salt water fish aquarium have several options of decorating, largely using coral pieces which make the aquarium look like a reef, the fishes natural habitat. Years ago, those corals came only direct from the ocean. They were very fragile, expensive and largely only came in red, white and blue. Very patriotic, but not great for variety. These corals are still available but the trend has moved to synthetic corals made of fiberglass or plastic molds. These corals are extremely durable, easy to clean and come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes as well. For some larger aquariums, we may go to custom made “insert” pieces which are built right into the tank or removable for annual service and cleaning.

In the last pictures, you’ll see we recently repaired insert pieces damaged by a new clients previous service company. These pieces were painted with a pigmented fiberglass resin which is salt water safe and not water soluble.

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