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Our Deep Sea Creature Dreams – What we wish we could have in our Aquariums

Keeping deep sea creatures in a hobbyist aquarium is near impossible, for now. Higher water pressure, much cooler temperatures and hypothermal vents make the water environment much different than it is closer to the surface. Someday, the AbyssBox may make that possible for home and office aquariums. Until then, we can dream of a few deep sea creatures we’d love to watch floating through our aquariums.
Vampire Squid
Just the name alone is enough to incite a bit of fear and mystery in this creature. A cephalopod, the vampire squid is reddish in color, with webbing between its tentacles and bioluminescent lighted “sensors” at the tips. The Monterey Bay Aquarium shows this morph-like creature in this video.
Bioluminescent Creatures
Angler Fish and other “flashlight” fish have a chemical reaction that creates a light or bioluminescence feature. This light also occurs in viperfish, another menacing sounding creature, as well as the Angler Fish, most known from the Finding Nemo film.
This ribbon-like creature is the longest bony fish in the sea, even though it resembles an eel in shape and size. Sometimes known as a ribbon fish, its bluish scales and red spiny dorsal fin gives it an ancient sea serpent look.
Gulper Eel
The gulper eel looks like an underwater Little Shop of Horrors creature with it’s large hinging mouth. The mouth, larger than the rest of its body, resembles a pelican in it’s pouch appearance. The eel also has a deep sea bioluminescence feature that glows pink in order to attract fish.
What deep sea creatures would you like to see in your aquarium? Send us an email, or comment on Facebook or Instagram and let us know!

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