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Dr. Jerry: October

This month’s featured aquarium installation from Blue Planet Aquarium Services looks at a 160 gallon salt water cylinder aquarium located in a pediatric dental office in River Forest, IL. The aquarium is constructed of acrylic which is optically clearer than glass and stronger as well. The cylinder shape allows a 360 view from every angle of the dental office’s waiting room and the kids love it!

A local carpenter was used to make a cabinet with wood and stain color in the cabinetry to match the reception desk and other furniture in the practice.
Decorating such a tall and somewhat narrow tank presented a bit of a challenge so a custom artificial coral insert was made and adhered inside the aquarium. This way we need not worry about corals coming out of place, being knocked over by fish or water current.

The filtration system was custom designed to fit inside the cabinet and is composed of a wet-dry biological filter, Ultraviolet sterilizer, recalculating pump and protein skimmer. Being the salt water fish are imported from all over the world, the right life support system is essential in maintaining fish health as well as good water chemistry and crystal clear water.

There is a 24 hour lighting system built into the canopy which recreates a dawn to dusk to midnight effect using a combination of energy efficient LED and florescent T5 lights.
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