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Electronic Monitoring and Control Systems for Aquariums

Technology is obviously entwined in our daily lives. We’re always shocked to look back at the way we approached business and aquarium service today vs. 14 years ago when Blue Planet Aquariums started.

Internet advertising? Emailing clients for scheduled services? Paperless invoicing and aquarium techs with handheld tablets that have a client’s entire history at their fingertips? We’ve sure come a long way.

I’ve written a lot in the past on how technology has changed aquarium-keeping with things like LED lighting, low voltage pumps, and others. On that same note, aquarium monitoring and control systems are truly impressive and powerful tools to protect and serve your aquarium.

The units can do just about anything, like monitoring water chemistry, water temperature, water levels, and more. In addition these units can control lighting, activate automatic fish feeders, and turn on chillers, heaters, pumps, water changing systems, and many of the other crucial components of a sophisticated aquarium.

The results of these actions are streamed live, and are viewable online. Reports can be sent via email or text, and of course, apps for mobile devices have been developed to utilize these capabilities from anywhere in the world.

That’s quite a change from the old days of a table top aquarium with a corner filter bubbling away and fish of varying levels of health!

There are a couple drawbacks to these units, however, first of all being cost. These are not cheap to purchase, and all of the capabilities come as add ons to the base unit. Additionally, the units and monitoring probes need some upkeep, adding to the work that needs to be completed to keep fish happy and healthy and your aquarium well maintained. However, if you are a tech and fish lover, and especially, if your aquarium has been a large investment in money or effort, a monitoring system may be right up your alley to give you a whole new level of control over your aquarium.

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