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Our Favorite Movie Aquariums

As full-fledged aquarium nerds, it’s our job to know every cultural reference to aquariums in the history of film, music, comic books, and pretty much anything else. What are the most interesting aquariums that have appeared in movies, you ask?
Here’s our Top 5 list:
Lethal Weapon 2

This was not a particularly great-looking aquarium and I wonder how much “Hollywood” was involved in an aquarium exploding. Was it really some location with an old tank they didn’t mind being blown out, or was it Hollywood magic?
Dr. No

The original James Bond movie is an all-time classic. When Mr. Bond enters Dr. No’s humble island abode for the first time, there’s a great (but very fake looking) aquarium embedded into one of the cave walls. We love Dr. No’s explanation of the 10 inch thick convex glass making the fish look bigger. Oh, and that it cost $1,000,000. Even 50 years ago, we could have built it for a lot less!
Lady from Shanghai

Going back in time a bit, this Orson Welles classic is in black and white but really shows off how visually striking an aquarium with the right inhabitants can be, even without any color.
Romeo + Juliet

In Baz Luhrmann’s remake, the two star crossed lovers set eyes on each other for the very first time through the panes of an aquarium. What could be more romantic than that?!
Finding Nemo

What is there to say about this movie that we haven’t said already? It features absolutely amazing animation, and showed the world how incredible underwater creatures can be. It single handedly accounted for a resurgence of interest in aquariums in the mid-2000s, when it came out. We love this scene in particular, when Nemo first lands in the dentist’s aquarium and finds it much more strange than anything he’s encountered in the real ocean.
Bonus: The Life Aquatic

Ok, we’re cheating a bit here, because the characters are actually looking out at the ocean, not an aquarium. But the porthole frames the shot perfectly, and in many ways gives an aquarium-like appearance. And what could be more epic than the Sigur Ros soundtrack as the elusive leopard shark finally appears? I love this movie.
Did we miss a good one? If you have your own favorite aquarium movie scene, shoot us a message to let us know what it is!

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