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Featured Installation: 1500 Gallon Saltwater Aquarium

Featured installation - 1500 gallon saltwater aquarium

Now that’s your big boy.

This aquarium is awesome and it is one of the biggest ones we’ve seen since the recession. (As you can imagine the economy and custom aquariums kind of go hand in hand.)

Here’s the back story: a hundred year old electrical supply company was completely rehabbing the office for their anniversary and the owner wanted to add an aquarium as a part of the update. He was familiar with aquariums, and had even worked at an aquarium shop while in college. Actually, we even went to the same college (go Ramblers!).

The owner and other employees log some serious hours at the office, including some evenings and weekends, so they wanted something truly out of the ordinary to enjoy while there.

It doesn’t happen often that I come out for a consultation and start with one size, then the client says “bigger!”, we offer some options and they say “bigger!”, and then when all the numbers are worked out they say, “well…… can we still go bigger?”

Yes, in fact we can, and did. Awesome aquarium, even better people!

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