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Featured Installation: “Room Divider” Aquarium

After writing the “15 Favorite Room Divider Aquariums” post, we realized that a great client, great guy, and great aquarium was left out. Instead of having his tank not make the cut, let’s turn the spotlight on it instead, in this month’s Featured Installation.

Brent called us a few years ago and talked about how he always had aquariums during his college days and how now it was time to install an aquarium he could really enjoy, that could serve as a focal point for his house and for the family. After a great first meeting at the house, we realized that the long “room divider” aquarium was going to be running parallel with floor supports and that reinforcing the sub floor was going to be necessary. No problem. We had that done, and it also allowed us to open up the ceiling in order to run plumbing from the aquarium to the furnace room, where the filtration, reverse osmosis unit, and water storage could be placed out of sight.

The tank is yet another example of how a room divider, which clearly defines two rooms (in this case, a kids’ playroom from a living room) can have two completely different appearances from each side. It’s like getting 2 different aquariums!

This has been a great tank, and great client. Blue Planet also set up an aquarium at his wife’s office. And, to show you just how involved in your life an aquarium company that cares can get: we are a regular contributor to his kid’s school fundraiser, and this year we helped fund getting iPads for every student in the classroom!

In watching the video posted below, the comments he gave us after the installation are a real source of pride for the Blue Planet Team. It’s simply what we all strive for: awesome work and thrilled clients.

Go Welkes!

And, to see the client’s aquarium today, check out his QC video from his last service (scroll down to for March 4th):

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