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Featured Project Grande Cheese Company

Recently we completed a custom-built 450 gallon saltwater reef aquarium for the Grande Cheese Company in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. The Grande Cheese Company is opening a new building and asked Blue Planet Aquarium to design one of their main areas.

BPA-061-cheese-install-prep-01AThe aquarium is built into the wall with custom wood cabinetry. A full size filtration system is housed next to the tank behind wood doors. Further electronics and lighting systems are stored above the tank and are accessible behind wood paneled doors. This way, no unsightly motors or mechanical parts are visible and the aquarium sits flush with the wall.

BPA-061-cheese-install-pump-systemThe natural wooden oak d’cor matches with the Grand Cheese Company’s overall contemporary design. The aquarium will be the focal point of a main gathering area. The custom cabinetry matches the natural wood slab table and modern lighting design. The aquarium is part of the area that will be used for customer and vendor meetings, providing not only a beautiful environment but also the calming effects aquariums achieve.

wall-angle-061Inside the tank we began with clown fish, various tangs, Rabbit Fish, Gobbies and Blennies along with natural coral elements. More live corals and fish will be introduced in July. The project took several weeks to complete.

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