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The Four Fish Species that are the Easiest to Take care of

If you’re just starting out with your aquarium or you already have a tank but desire a few more low-maintenance fish, these four species of fish are easy to take care of, hardy, and acclimate well to their surroundings.

A Firefish is a great starter saltwater fish that is easy to care for. It can adapt to a tank as small as 10 gallons, maintains a peaceful temperament, and is reef compatible. Firefish will eat most foods offered and are considered hardy. They also come in brilliant colors such as orange, red, white, and yellow.

Clownfish are another popular and easy saltwater fish to keep. They require a larger tank than the firefish, with a minimum of 30 gallons. They accept most types of marine foods and may even learn to nibble on your fingers. Clownfish are also an environmentally friendly choice, as they are captive-bred.

If you are looking for freshwater fish, you can’t go wrong with the ever popular Goldfish. Goldfish come in a variety of colors and sizes and work well in unheated aquariums, making them the perfect choice for a fishbowl-style tank, which requires very little maintenance.

If you have a heated freshwater tank, the active and small Danios make a great first choice. They will eat most fish foods. Danios prefer to swim near the surface of the water, which provides some added dimension to your tank if you also have other fish that like the middle or bottom portions of the tank.

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