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Freshwater Aquariums Designed, Installed and Maintained by Blue Planet Aquarium Services

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A quick look at freshwater aquariums as an affordable alternative to salt water aquariums.

The first is a 150 gallon in a hospital’s playroom for children and the second, a 300 gallon room divider in a restaurant. Freshwater aquariums will save some initial set up costs over salt water as there isn’t as much equipment needed and save on ongoing service as there are fewer products and additives needed to keep it maintained.


Most folks tend to agree that salt water fish are prettier than their fresh counterparts bud if the salt water is slightly out of your budget, freshwater is an excellent option.
Imagine trading in that cluttered bookshelf for a slice of the Great Barrier Reef. Think of replacing that awkwardly positioned lamp in the corner of your office, with a bright and vibrant portion of the Amazon River.


Decades of professional experience, plus hundreds of satisfied clients, serve as testimony that Blue Planet Aquarium Services is Chicagoland’s and the Midwest’s premier aquarium sales, design, installation and maintenance company.


At Blue Planet, we’ve made it our business to be the best aquarium installers and have done work from coast to coast. Our service area includes all of Chicagoland as well as Wisconsin and Indiana for routine aquarium maintenance services, in addition to creative custom aquarium design all over the country.


For the talented and caring experts at Blue Planet, fish tank installation and maintenance is more than a job; it’s a profession. We care that what we say matches what we do, and that’s why we have gone to the extent of offering our customers our exclusive 30-day livestock guarantee. This means we stand by what we sell and our aquarium installations continue looking as vibrant and healthy as possible.


So whether you’re thinking about a reef aquarium, saltwater aquarium or freshwater fish tank, are considering design and installation, or are looking for fish tank maintenance of any kind, let the aquarium installation professionals of Blue Planet Aquarium Services help you realize your dreams.


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Servicing Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan, Blue Planet Aquarium Services has been the most trusted name in aquarium design, installation and maintenance since 1999. A company large enough to be dependable but small enough to still watch out for your best interests, Blue Planet is the only company to call if you are planning to install an aquarium or have one maintained.

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