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How does your aquarium service company handle quality control?

How does your aquarium service company handle quality control?

Truth is, they don’t.

Truth be told, there a few different types of aquarium service providers out there.
If you have a “guy and a bucket” type, one or two man operation, what you probably have is someone that probably has full or part time “real” jobs and are servicing aquariums on the side for a little mad money or to facilitate their hobby of aquarium keeping.

If you’re having your local aquarium shop service your aquarium, remember, despite the fact the Chicagoland area boasts some beautiful places, their priority is their storefront first, service and installation second. Sadly, often times a distant second at that. Your technician is often someone who is splitting time between the shop and the field and the reason why the shop wants to support service in the first place is simply to sell more fish and product, already in stock at the storefront.
Lastly, there are organized companies such as Blue Planet that take time to train their staff, feature benefits such as 24 hour emergency service, are fully insured, have 9-5 office support and etc, but one thing that sets Blue Planet apart from everyone else offering aquarium service; quality control.
Every week at Blue Planet starts with The Monday Morning Meeting. This is a time where the entire company will sit down together, review the upcoming work week, have a tech talk session which reviews equipment, issues in the field, discuss fish health and water chemistry and most important; conduct a video review of the work completed the previous week.

Each tech is supplied with an HD video camera. Upon arriving at an account, they will shoot a preliminary video of what the tank initially looks like. After the service has been completed, they will shoot another video of the finalized work, which includes a synopsis of water chemistry test results. This allows for everyone in the company to review each and every service and installation performed by the company the previous week. Also, constructive criticism by all is encouraged on topics ranging on anything from aquarium décor, to fish selection, to even how well the cabinet and supplies are kept.

This is also an opportunity to discover potential problems on the horizon and fix them before they begin. This quality control/video review meeting is something that is unique to Blue Planet and is how we can confidently say, we are the only company you should call for aquarium design, installation and service.

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Servicing Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan, Blue Planet Aquarium Services has been the most trusted name in aquarium design, installation and maintenance since 1999. A company large enough to be dependable but small enough to still watch out for your best interests, Blue Planet is the only company to call if you are planning to install an aquarium or have one maintained.

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