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Call Now (773) 774-3474

Basic Advice

How Long Should I Leave the Lights On?

Your lights should be left on for no longer than 5-7 hours. The longer the lights are left on the more algae you will grow. If you’d like to watch your fish around the clock ask us about adding LED moon lighting to your lighting system. This will give you a natural blue moonlight glow and the fish will appreciate a low ambient light.

A Side Note: If you have a reef system, your lights should be on for at least 6 hours and not longer than 9hours. This should give the coral enough light energy to remain happy and healthy.

About Jon Wolf

Servicing Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan, Blue Planet Aquarium Services has been the most trusted name in aquarium design, installation and maintenance since 1999. A company large enough to be dependable but small enough to still watch out for your best interests, Blue Planet is the only company to call if you are planning to install an aquarium or have one maintained.

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