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How Much Does an Aquarium Actually Cost?: Setup and Maintenance Costs

If you’re an aquarium fan thinking about your first (or your next) aquarium, one of the most obvious things you’re probably interested in finding out is how much it will cost you, both in upfront design/installation costs and then in recurring maintenance costs.

Obviously, aquarium size and type are some of the biggest determining factors in the cost. Freshwater aquariums are the easiest to outfit and maintain, then come saltwater tanks, and finally reef aquariums, which require the most upfront and maintenance costs.

The best way to stay on top of design/installation costs is to contact an aquarium supplier and give them the basic parameters you think you want, and then have them price out the whole system for you, from tank, to equipment, to inhabitants. Any custom work (think, curved tanks, cabinetry to hold the tank, in-wall aquariums, etc.) will naturally increase the costs.

For most average-sized tanks (think 30-80 gallons) you can expect to pay between $100 and $175 per maintenance visit, and these visits can happen from once every six months to once a month, depending on the complexity of your setup and on how “presentable” you want to keep your tank (if you’re a business, you obviously don’t want customers to see algae growing in the tank…)

But most importantly, all this talk about costs shouldn’t stop you from dreaming boldly about your new aquarium. Contact Blue Planet Aquarium today with your idea, and we’ll try our absolute best to come up with a solution that will get you close to that idea within a budget you can afford.

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