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How To: Create an Underwater Kingdom (Men’s Health)

Blue Planet Aquarium was featured at Men’s Health on How To Create an Underwater Kingdom.

Read the how to and full article here.


Saltwater tanks are expensive to maintain. With freshwater fish, you’re not out big bucks if they go belly up.

Try a wedge-shaped corner aquarium with a bowed outer surface. This won’t hog space, and it makes your corner a terrific wall of light and color.


Adorn with rocks, freshwater lily pads, and fake coral (the real stuff messes with water chemistry).

Toss in a few submersible LED lights, and add driftwood, sports trophies, action figures… basically anything that looks cool.


Tetras, barbs, or danios are good bets because they’re more likely to survive your learning curve.


Impress your friends with a teacup stingray or snowflake eel. But beware…

Pair them only with larger species, like the black ghost knife fish. Otherwise you’ll just spawn an underwater battleground.


Feed your crew bloodworms, plankton, or other flash-frozen foods instead of dried flakes.

These more nutritious options will improve the health of your fish and bring out their most vibrant colors.

(Source: Jonathan Wolf, aquarium design consultant at Chicago’s Blue Planet Aquarium Services)

Read the how to and full article here.

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