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Installation: A Much Needed Facelift

wave front panel aquarium

Here’s an interesting aquarium taken over by Blue Planet. It wasn’t a new install but rather a facelift on a 20 year old, 300 gallon aquarium. What obviously makes this aquarium stand out is the “wave” front panel of the aquarium. The wave front is a little too intense for my personal liking, but it goes to show the incredible options in shape and form available with custom aquariums.

When we first came out to look at this aquarium, it was in rough shape. The filtration was antiquated and insufficient. There were deep and very pronounced scratches in the aquarium. The lighting needed to be completely replaced. And, the corals in the aquarium were surviving but certainly not thriving.

Here are some of the equipment upgrades we made to make this tank look incredible:

  • Refugium filter for nutrient export

  • GFO reactor for Phosphate removal

  • Dosing pump adding calcium, alkalinity buffer and magnesium

  • Chiller to maintain temperature

  • Enlarged Protein Skimmer with low voltage DC pump

  • LED lighting system

  • Wave generating pumps

  • Buffing acrylic for scratch removal

If you have any questions or would like any more informaiton regarding the equipment or the aquarium feel free to contact us!

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