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Leaving Your Aquarium While on Vacation: 4 Things to Remember

Summer vacation time is here. Whether you have an aquarium at home, or are the main caretaker in your office, going on vacation may not be as relaxing if you’re worried about your fish while you’re away. Follow these tips to ensure your fish stay happy, healthy, and alive while you’re gone.


Usually, the primary concern for fish owners centers around feeding them. Ensure your fish have a way to eat on their normal schedule while you’re away. If you do decide on an auto feeder, it’s still a good idea to have someone check on the aquarium while you’re gone in case something goes amiss.


Before you go, do a partial water change to ensure your inhabitants have fresh and clean water.


In addition to the water change, do a check on the filter, ensuring that it is clean and in good working order.


If you don’t already have a timer for your aquarium lighting, invest in one before you go on vacation. This ensures the lights are turned on and off for an adequate time every day. A light timer is nice to have even when you are present, as it’s one less thing to think about.

Have a backup plan

Home aquarium owners should have someone come and check on your fish and setup while they’re away. Ideally, once a day is good to ensure lighting is functional, power is operational and no leaks are occurring. The same goes for your place of business. If your business is open while you’re away, ask one of the other employees to keep an eye on the aquarium.
Additionally, scheduling your regular aquarium maintenance appointment while you’re gone works well. If you have general maintenance and cleaning service, ask them to perform their work while you’re on vacation. Knowing you have a scheduled check up with a professional should put your mind at ease while you’re away.

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