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LED Lighting for Aquariums

LED Lighting for Aquariums

Techs and newbies alike need to know the latest exciting updates in aquarium technology, and Blue Planet Aquarium is here to provide them.

The latest development on the aquarium scene is in the lighting department: LED technology has finally come to aquariums. LEDs are environmentally friendly – there are no bulbs to replace which means less cost to the consumer and less waste, and they only use a fraction of the electricity an incandescent bulb needs to produce the same amount of light.

For our aquariums, we’ve adopted and recommend a simulated 24 hour cycle using 3 different types of LEDs:

  • The first type is a “moonlight” LED which creates shimmers and trickles of light blue light similar to moonbeams.
  • This is left on in the middle of the night when the other two lights are off.
  • Next, a bank of dark blue light turn on in the morning to simulate dawn. The tank will be a bright blue color during this time.
  • Then, the main white lights will turn on for a max of 8 hours per day, which helps to keep algae growth down. The colors of fish and decor look best under the white lights.
  • After the White lights turn off, the blues will stay on for a few hours to simulate dusk.
  • After the blue lights turn off, the moonbeams will turn on again, creating a 24 hour lighting cycle.

This is not only energy and maintenance efficient, it also provides you with many different variations for viewing your aquarium, keeping things interesting.

In addition to their energy efficiency, LED lights also have visual benefits. Light from LEDs brings out striations in fish and corals typically not even seen under normal flourescent light. Plus, LED light gives a shimmering effect to the water, which looks incredible and isn’t possible with standard lighting. It’s an exciting development to say in the least!

For any questions about retrofitting your existing aquarium with LEDs or using them in your new aquarium project, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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