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Maintenance Intervals: How To Know You’re Overdue

Regular maintenance intervals for your aquarium are not always a cut and dry science. Here are a few signs that you’ve waited too long and need to schedule your next maintenance appointment.

Cloudy water
Cloudy water happens for a number of reasons and can happen within minutes of a new set up to an established tank. It can stem from over feeding, over population, new equipment not  being thoroughly rinsed, etc. When it relates to your maintenance interval however, it’s likely due to insufficient water changes or chemical additives. If it’s chemical related, you can usually clear this up with a partial to full water change.

Regular water changes are also a good time to check the pH, nitrates and carbonate levels of your tank. Over or under chemical levels are not always easy to spot and signs you’re overdue for a change may not be visible until it’s too late.

Algae bloom
Seeing algae in your tank is a sure sign you’re overdue for a maintenance cleaning. While cleaning your tank of any existing algae, do a routine check of your filtration system to ensure proper functionality. If your devices aren’t operating smoothly, consider getting them cleaned or repaired prior to replacing them outright.

Odd Fish Behavior
Fish behavior may also be a sign you’re late in maintaining necessary aquarium functions. Check expiration dates of food. Expired food may not give your fish the full nutrient value and can result in sluggish or erratic behavior. Check the expiration dates of the chemicals you use as well, as expired supplies may give you false readings. Erratic fish behavior may be a sign something else is wrong, so don’t just chalk that one up to a missed maintenance schedule.

Determining what maintenance to do daily, weekly, and monthly may be a daunting task, but proper maintenance of your tank will lead to a vibrant and healthy aquarium.

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