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May 2012 at Blue Planet

Been kinda quiet in May have we?

That’s because installations take time and my goodness, we have a bunch going on. Also, capturing video and photos of aquariums being installed on construction sites or home remodeling projects doesn’t look all the great, until all the work is done. We are in the midst of installing a 260 gallon reef aquarium in Addison IL, a 220 gallon reef aquarium on the Northside of Chicago, a 220 gallon salt water “fish only” tank in Northbrook and lastly a small but extremely cool little 30 gallon custom salt water fish only tank as well in Lombard IL.

In the meantime while our installation crew is busy with these jobs, out service techs have taken on ten new clients in each of the past two months. If you are one of those client’s, welcome aboard!

On top of all that we’ve got new aquarium proposals out for a dozen new installations this month from 50 to 1500 gallons and have three on the books for installation next month including a 200 gallon bow front aquarium and a 400 gallon, “radius cornered” aquarium which is being fabricated to match the curvature of a wall. the finished project will look something like this;

It’ll be beautiful, that’s for sure. Another neat thing that two of the tanks going up next month is they are getting is a full coral exhibit, custom made for each tank. Rather than the smaller coral displays we put together for each tank in an ad-hoc fashion, which makes it easy to simply pluck out corals, clean and replace them in the aquariums, these custom coral exhibits give a look more of what you might see in a public aquarium. We’ll certainly get videos and photos out when they are done, Try and be patient, we’re installing as fast as we can!

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