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How Much Cost Do Corals Add to An Aquarium?

Many saltwater aquarium enthusiasts get into these tanks for two reasons: colorful fish and stunning live coral. But, you may be wondering, what are the costs associated with adding live coral to your tank?
For first time saltwater aquariums, we recommend starting off with just fish before you add the cost of live corals into the tank. Too much too soon may disrupt the fish and you could lose that initial investment.
Once you feel comfortable maintaining your tank, introducing live coral is an exciting process. Of course, this is where the costs get tricky to nail down.
First, you have the cost of the coral. Do you want to go with soft corals or hard corals? The hard corals do require more upkeep and will drive the cost up. Soft corals don’t have a calcium structure, which make them easier to keep. They are also all relatively compatible with each other.
Feeding corals also varies. Some corals are not photosynthetic and rely on plankton, fish eggs, or coral foods. Those that are photosynthetic will require good lighting in order for the plant to grow and thrive. However, even these corals will need supplemental feedings.
Additionally, you will need a chiller, protein skimmer, and a reliable pump. These costs all vary, depending on the size of your tank and types of fish and corals you want to stock.
Nailing down a price on corals and the cost it adds to your tank really depends on these factors and what you have currently versus what new elements you want to add in.
If you have questions about adding in corals, how many to add, what you need in addition to your current setup, and how to care for and feed corals, contact us. We’ll break down the costs and maintenance involved to set you up for success.

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