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Product Review: Herb & Fish Connect

Every once in awhile, we run into a truly cool product. We first saw the Herb & Fish Connect when the company was raising funds on Kickstarter to make their prototype into reality.

Billed as “the world’s smartest self-sustainable aqua-herb garden”, the Herb & Fish Connect features a place to grow a plant of your choice on top of a small aquarium, complete with two LED lights and a design sleek enough to feel at home in even the most modern of interior designs.

The product stood out to us for a few reasons:

Ease of maintenancethe aquaponic system can filter water and fish waste on its own, so you won’t have to worry about constantly watering your plant or cleaning your tank.

Designthe product is small and can fit in any environment, from your nightstand to your office desk.

App connectivitythe creators also offer a smartphone app, which allows you connect to the aqua garden and find the optimal settings for growing your plants and fish.

For aquarium enthusiasts with children, the Herb and Fish Connect could be the perfect way to get your kid into the hobby and teach him or her how to care for a fish and a plant simultaneously. In all, a very interesting product.

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