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Product Spotlight: Got Algae?


In our second product spotlight this month, we wanted to take a look at a product exclusively sold by Blue Planet: Harbor Labs “Algae Eraser”.

Algae Eraser is an oxidizing agent which destroys algae nutrients in the aquarium. This product does a great job of keeping tanks cleaner between our services. You can think of it as Oxy-clean for your aquarium, and it’s safe for use in both fresh and saltwater aquariums.

When used in recommended dosages, this product is completely safe for fish, but is NOT safe for any type of invertebrate including corals, crabs, snails, polyps, etc. It does need to be kept out of the reach of children as well, but beyond the disclaimers, this is a product we rely on heavily to keep tanks looking their best.

In fact, when establishing contracts for aquarium service for institutions such as Chicago Public Schools, University of Chicago Hospitals, numerous public libraries and others, Algae Eraser is built into the contract costs. It is so productive that, in fact, we have started using Algae Eraser with “Dosing Pumps” — pumps that add very small levels Algae Eraser to the aquarium, automating the system instead of having to add it by hand on a weekly basis.

If you are having problems with algae or would like more information about Algae Eraser, feel free to contact us!

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