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Responsible Fish Sourcing Begins with the Consumer (But Vendors Can Help Too)

The brightly colored and active fish in your tank are delightful, but have you ever given thought to where your fish come from?

For a few years now, there has been increasing awareness of fish harvesting practices, and more consumers are starting to ask where the fish they buy come from.

Be sure to ask your fish supplier how the fish were obtained before you buy. Vendors and stores can also practice responsible fish sourcing by displaying buying policies and educating themselves and consumers as to how the fish were obtained. Currently, sustainable collection is practiced in Hawaii, Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and Fiji.

It’s often not the fact that the fish are taken out of the water, but the methods used to obtain them, that are unsafe. Collecting fish from the ocean can be done responsibly and in an environmentally safe manner. Fish in the ocean are living in their natural environment and conscientious fish farming take great efforts to maintain the health and population of the fish. Limits on fish caught and rotation of fishing spots can help ensure a sustainable industry and fish population.

As fish are prolific breeders, the amount obtained from one area is often replenished within one spawning season. Overall, fish populations are impacted very little if at all by responsible harvesting practices.

Responsible fish sourcing also helps educate coastal residents as to the importance of keeping our reefs and underwater life and habitats healthy!

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