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Is a Saltwater Aquarium Too Much Work for You? 3 Ways to Tell

Many people and businesses shy away from owning saltwater aquariums because they’ve heard these types of aquariums are too much work. All aquariums require some amount of work, but saltwater aquariums do require a few more supplies than their freshwater counterparts. Here are 3 ways to tell if a saltwater aquarium is too much work for you.


If you cannot keep to a regular schedule when it comes to filter maintenance and water changes, then a saltwater aquarium might be too much. While you must change the filters and water in a freshwater tank as well, freshwater fish can be a bit more forgiving if you’re late in changing these components. In general, saltwater fish expect a more stable ecosystem and have less tolerance for changes in their environment. When timings are missed, you risk your inhabitants getting sick, or worse, dying. That’s why timing is critical in keeping a saltwater aquarium.


While not work, per se, saltwater aquariums do require a few more supplies than a freshwater aquarium. Additionally, the types of fish you stock in a saltwater aquarium tend to cost more than freshwater fish. A saltwater aquarium might be too much work for you if you’re not inclined to spend the extra money on the proper supplies.

Learning Curve

Just like with any new hobby or pet ownership, there is a learning curve to taking care of your saltwater aquarium. If you don’t enjoy the learning part of setting up a new aquarium, then it may feel more like work than fun. If you’re considering a saltwater aquarium, chances are you’re looking forward to this. However, if you’re getting an aquarium in your office because it’s what you “should” do, then the learning curve may not be right for you.

As with any major purchase, take the time to find out just how much work a saltwater aquarium can be before you invest in one. It’s truthfully not as much work as you think. Plus, we have routine maintenance programs available in case you don’t have the time or ability to tackle the learning curve. Contact us to learn more!

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