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The 5 Best Single Species Aquariums

Elaborate reef aquariums that have up to hundreds of inhabitants (millions if you choose to count the coral) are awesome. But for those of us looking for a little extra simplicity, single species aquariums are the solution.

Here are, in our opinion, the 5 best species for single species tanks:

Tiger barbs these striped fish can be too aggressive to keep around other fish (they like to nibble on the fins of others to establish a hierarchy). But in a large group by themselves, they can be a lot of fun, because they’re super they’re active. Oh, and they look like tigers!

Tetras these guys, especially the colorful neon ones can be a lot of fun when they travel in a school. They’re also super sturdy, so they don’t require too much in terms of maintenance.

Cichlids these fish are fun to keep, as long as you have adequate space to contain them (they can get a little territorial and like some extra room).

Seahorses seahorses are very cool looking, and many people like to have some around in their tank. However, sometimes it can be a challenge to feed them when there’s other more aggressive fish around that steal their food. But in a tank filled with just seahorses, that problem obviously doesn’t exist!

Scorpionfish these fish are super weird, but will also give you major aquarium cred. However, they can be a challenge to keep with other fish. First, they’ll try to eat them all. And, they’re venomous. But if you wanted to fill up a tank with just scorpionfish, you’d avoid all these troubles.

So, don’t discount the single-species tank as an option. With the right fish, a single species tank can be a lot of fun, and easy to maintain too.

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