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Our Top 10 School Aquarium Projects

Here at Blue Planet Aquarium, we’re proud of our 12 year history working with various schools in the Chicagoland area. Here’s a list of our ten favorite school aquarium projects:

1.       CCA Academy – The video tells the story of a 575 gallon aquarium we donated to this West Side “Second Chance” School.  An incredible organization doing unbelievable work.

 blue planet aquarium terranium

2.       Staying on topic of CCA, earlier this year we sent a 10 foot long, custom made terrarium to these same folks to serve not only as a room divider in the lunch room, but as a biotope of live plants and lizards.


3.       Wilma G. School – more about this wonderful school in our featured installation post!

 blue planet aquarium oak park public library

4.       Oak Park Library – This 400 gallon aquarium in the kids’ books department is filled with colorful freshwater Cichlids and, in keeping with the library’s green initiative, uses all low voltage equipment.

 blue planet aquarium solomon schechter day school of metropolitan chicago

5.       School libraries are a popular place for aquariums. To date, we have had 10 various aquarium installations in school libraries in and around the Chicago area.

 blue planet aquarium smyth school

6.       Smyth School – Our longest running school service client, this inner city school boasts 2 150 gallon freshwater aquariums in the school’s busiest hallway for all the students to enjoy.

 blue planet aquarium nancy b jefferson

7.       Penitentiary high school – Think about this: these kids are actually incarcerated but are still getting a high school education. With no exposure to the outside world, these kids need all the help they can get to succeed. We installed a 180 gallon freshwater aquarium along with an aquatic and land turtle enclosures that the kids were able to enjoy and learn from.

 blue planet aquarium turtles

8.       Speaking of turtles, kids love them! We have literally supplied entire set-ups, service, or parts and supplies for dozens of school turtle tanks over the years!

 blue planet aquarium xavier school

9.       Xavier School – A client of ours from our earliest beginnings told us about a friend of his who was a science teacher at Xavier School and that if we ever had any used equipment or tanks to donate, this teacher would love to get his hands on them. We have sent truck-fulls of equipment to him over the years and he literally has been like a mad scientist with his creations!


10.   Chicago Public Schools – As the only vendor for Chicago Public Schools we have worked with countless schools on tons of projects over the years. It’s a relationship we are very proud of and thrilled to be part of!


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