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Water Treatments and Additives: The Must-Haves and the Must-Avoids

There will come a time when you need to treat your aquarium water, for a variety of reasons. Making sense of the water treatments available can be overwhelming. We’ll look at the different reasons for water treatments, which of them you need and which you can avoid.

To begin with, you should be testing your water for proper pH levels on a regular basis. An unbalanced pH level may indicate you need Ammonia Removers or pH Modification additives. Ammonia removers or binders are available in liquid or filtration methods. Use the liquid type if the ammonia is dangerously high, because it works faster.

Lowering the pH below neutral levels with pH modification is often unnecessary. However, certain fish and live plants prefer a lower pH range. It can be tricky to keep modifying the pH level. Use this method with caution.

Algae treatments are popular and numerous in the pet supply stores. Most of the time, algae can be removed manually during your regular tank cleaning. If you’re constantly battling algae growth, you may need to adjust water, light, or nutrients to discover the cause before introducing chemical treatments which may harm fish and plants. Another source of algae could be the result of increased phosphate growth. Using phosphate control additives will help reduce phosphate levels and reduce algae.

Water clarifiers are often a safe additive to assist in removing fine particles of dirt, algae, and other debris the filter can’t remove. Clarifiers cause these superfine particles to bond together, making them easier for the filtration system to sift out.

For information on various water treatment products, click here.

If you’re having trouble identifying which water treatment you need, contact us so we can perform an evaluation and proper maintenance on your tank.

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